Building The World’s First Artificial Intelligent PC System

EnGeniux is a tech startup specializing in next-generation artificial intelligence premium software and hardware robotic computer systems. EnGeniux core mission is to create cost- effective consumer and business level artificial intelligence PC systems. The company was founded in 2014 by Mr. Derrick Samuels. He’s a former U.S. Marine and technologist with a passion for all things tech. Mr. Samuels has over 14 years in the tech, gaming and business sectors. The company’s name EnGeniux Inc is a play on the phrase, “In Genius Idea”.

The EnGeniux is mostly self-funded by Derrick Samuels with support of a few passionate angel investors. He shipped his first console around 2009 called The EVO Smart Console, using Linux as the main dedicated operating system. The new EnGeniux OTON INFINITY will continue that level of innovation in 2019 with advance new AI systems, autonomous content creation, smart economy software tools, and advance hardware technologies.

“No one was building a life-like A.I. PC system with smart economy features. So we had to build OTON because no one else was going to build it."
”---Derrick Samuels”

Explore the OTON.io website to see how the new OTON INFINITY will make your life much easier.

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