Welcome to a New World…

EnGeniux is developing the A.I. computer of the future for the home and business of the future. The company has raised over $600K invested from crowdfunding, self-funding and angel participating investment. Our goal is to develop a future proof platform to help people survive and thrive during the new era of artificial intelligence automation. Machine & A.I. automation is a growing trend around the world. Reports estimate that nearly 700 occupations could face job elimination by automation within the next two decades. So yes, we’re building a platform for entertainment, but we’re also building a full 360 tool to help our community succeed over the next few years as the world changes into a more autonomous world.

*Below is a report from an Oxford University Study of possible jobs that could be phased out over the next few years.

Join us on this journey

We want to give our supporters and community a system that could change the world. Together, with the support of our community, we will continue the growth of our company, growth of this idea and provide products that will change your life. The journey to this point hasn’t been easy, and moving forward want be easy but working together we can achieve anything. So join us as a crowdfund team member, a customer, and a follower. At the end of this journey is a new exciting world…welcome to the New World of OTON.

Contact Us: Info@EnGeniux.com