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The OTON Infinity PC – Your Imagination Made Reality

Have you ever imagined owning a PC that is AI smart? That can learn and anticipate certain request you ask of it? That can be customized for your own unique needs, and configured to be the perfect computer for you?

Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore! At EnGeniux, we’re revolutionizing the traditional PC and console with a premium, next-gen machine that includes advanced AI and machine-learning technology – and we wrapped it all up in a gorgeous, perfectly-designed futuristic enclosure that fits your home or business lifestyle!

Our all-new OTON Infinity system is perfect for both work and play, with features like:

  • Machine & deep learning that helps organize daily workloads, manage projects and ensure your tasks are completed on time

  • OTON Voice advanced voice assistance technology will allow for full, direct interaction with system features (Support for Google & Alexa coming soon)

  • Built-in micro 4K projector for home entertainment, business presentations, gaming, and more! (On certain models)

  • New intuitive, gorgeous user interface (UI)

  • Autonomous games and procedurally generated content creation system

  • Dust and temperature sensor to track system health and aid in cleaning and maintenance (On certain models)

  • Powerful, VR-ready hardware ports

  • Free movie streaming content

  • Unique, customizable A.I. with different personality modes

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Support & Mining system hardware (Harvest)

  • FREE Internet (Coming Soon)

  • Smart Economy Platform

No compromise. At EnGeniux our goal is to help you and your family get 100% total value from the OTON Infinity. Preorder your system today to help us change the world.Preorder Here .

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